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MAGNETIC Adhesive. Eyelash Extensions Kira B Glue.


Extremely durable eyelash extensions glue with super quick drying time. Recommended for advanced technicians who are highly skilled and need an effective and efficient glue to cut down on application time. 0.5-1 seconds


This eyelash extensions glue can really speed up eyelash extension treatment, cutting down the need to wait for the eyelash extension bond to dry before moving onto the next eyelash.

  • – Bonding time up to 6-7 weeks – extremely durable.
  • – Super quick drying time – 0.5-1 seconds
  • – Smell: low fumes
  • – Liquid consistency thanks to which it is easily spread on the eyelashes, it doesn’t become thick and makes work much easier
  • – Validity time: up to 9 months shelf life, up to 3 months after opening
  • – Colour: black, but also suitable for colour lashes as it doesn’t clot
  • – Suitable for individual ‘one on one’ application and Russian Volume 2D-6D Lashes
  • – Volume 5ml
  • –  VEGAN and cruelty free product



  • – This glue is not recommended for clients with sensitive eyes. Patch test is recommended at least 48 hours prior to application.
  • – Avoid using any oil based products in order to maintain optimum appearance and to extend the life of the lashes.
  • – Do not apply on yourself.
  • – Do not apply on client’s lashes when their eyes are open.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Store it in a vertical position. Always put the top back on and firmly twist the cap to avoid glue oxidizing. Keep at room temperature, in a dry, cool, shaded place.

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