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Lash Dose feeds the hair, locks in colour and prevents breakage using all goodies…



Similarity like your hair and nails, our furry friends on our faces also require conditioning boost.
Lash Dose feeds the hair, locks in colour and prevents breakage using all of these goodies:
– rose water
– organic bamboo extract
– gold of pleasure oil (camelina)
– silk proteins
– biotin
– jojoba oil
– ylang ylang oil

How long does the service take?

Apply lash dose after lash lift or tinting services (for both lashes and eyebrows).
Cover lashes fully, leaving the very tips uncovered.
Leave for 3-5 minutes, remove with a Q-tip and wash gently with a damp cotton pad. Voila!

How many services can be performed using the lash dose? 

Up to 80 – making the service cost very friendly.

How much more should I charge for the lash dose add on service?

Calculate the cost of the product and your time for the additional 5 minutes. Add on to the service.
Some therapists offer this service as a free add on to attract or please customers.

Does the Lash Dose really work?

See for yourself how the Lash Dose works by performing an experiment.
You’ll need:
– Lash Dose
– Willing human
– Patience
– Microscope
With all of the ingredients above, perform a lash lift and tint and/or brow setting and tint procedure. Apply lash dose on left eye’s lashes or eyebrows. Leave for 3-5 minutes and remove.
Grab a microscope and compare the hair cuticle quality between the right and left eye. Jump up and scream: “Yaaassss” (Crazy scientist moment).
Alternatively, see a photo we took under the microscope for you.
You can also revisit the hair 2 weeks later for brow set and tint and 6 weeks later for lash lift and compare the condition of hair.

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