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Crystal Glue Ring


This adjustable glue ring for eyelash extensions makes the application quicker. Crystal glue ring to be worn on your finger during the eyelash extensions application or lash lift.


The glue ring is very light and comfortable to work with and you can simply change glue stickers which keeps the ring clean and tidy and you can re-use the ring again and again.

It is adjustable so it can fit any finger. It helps to speed up the application as all your tools and products can be literally next to each other. If you prefer working from hand this is your best solution.


Directions for use with eyelash extensions:


  1. Put the glue ring on the finger
  2. Apply a small glue sticker on it
  3. Put the drop of glue on the glue sticker ( Note: Don’t forget to change your glue every 30 minutes for better lash retention)
  4. Change your glue sticker to a fresh one  when you finished and you can use this ring again.


Directions for use for lash lift:

  1. Put the glue ring on the finger
  2. Apply the required amount of setting or lifting solution
  3. Simply wipe off the top of the ring when you finshed or need to apply a different solution.  .


Enjoy working with this pretty crystal shape glue ring. Comes with  one FREE sheet of small glue stickers (24 pcs).



  • High quality crystal shape glue ring
  • Material: crystal acryl
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Packaging: gift box
  • Colour: clear
  • Box diameter: 5cm*5cm*4cm
  • Ring diameter: 2.7cm*3.5cm
  • Also included:: 1 sheet (24pcs) of small glue stickers

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