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Increase your lashing speed. Helpful lash tips.

Did it ever cross your mind that you are not quick enough? I am not talking here doing a proper full set within 1h. I would say straight away that this would be almost impossible.  A professionally done full set of classic/pre-made lashes  with full coverage should take 1.5- 2 hours and a full set of Russian Volume Lashes  – between 2 and 3 hours.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the times given above:

1. You should avoid brushing lashes again and again. This is a common mistake for beginners. Stop admiring these few lashes you just applied and brushing them all over again!) Three or four times throughout the set is more than enough: once when you start your set, once or twice during the process and  once at the end before you take a picture and ask your client to open their eyes.

2. Preparation is paramount. It probably  deserves its own post,  but I can just mention here that proper cleaning,  eye pads placement, mapping and taping will make your life easier. When you’ve done all the preparation correctly and placed pads and tape so that your client is comfortable you will enjoy the rest of  the process and your lashing will be so easy and smooth.  You can then concentrate on the creative side of the process and think about direction, layers, colours etc.

3. Your posture and light. Yes, it is so important for you to be comfortable while you are lashing: the client’s head needs to be at a comfortable height and distance away from you, you should not need to stretch or bend down or twist  to reach the lashes. Make sure your chair is adjustable and you have plenty of room for your legs under the bed/couch.
Good light is one of the most important things for easy and fast application and for 100% coverage.  It is really obvious when you think about it – if you can’t see all the lashes and layers you will really struggle to achieve the best possible outcome.  Your own eyesight is incredibly important, too, so if you feel like you need some extra help you will need to invest in some glasses.
A good source of light should allow you to select different brightness levels – to allow for different conditions if you have  natural light at your workstation and also to help you find the best light for you whilst helping those clients who may be less comfortable when it is too bright.
If you are a mobile lash tech please don’t rely on someone else to provide you with the best working conditions, so rather than working on your clients’ sofas and chairs and using their room lighting, you do need to invest in a portable massage couch, adjustable chair and a good lamp with daylight.

I hope you will find these tips helpful and enjoy lashing even more.

Here is a small  selection of our favourite Glamcor lights that we recommend for professional use with eyelash extension.
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