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Hand Tested Dumont Volume Tweezers


Possibly the best tweezers available, perfect for volume technique, easy to use and create beautiful fans every time.

5.00 out of 5

These very finest volume tweezers made  from high quality stainless steel in Switzerland are definitely amongst the very best available in the market. This model has been specially developed for volume eyelash extension application (original ones were made for the use in medical, biological and other fields).  Having gone through a rigorous manufacturing process every single one of these has been hand tested by Kira using our 0.05mm Volume lashes to make sure they grab the lashes perfectly and allow you to make perfect fans up to 6D.

 These  are precision tweezers and to achieve their precision and control the ‘sweet spot’ or the grab area on these is only small and is located between 1 and 3 mm away from the tip of the tweezers. If the sweet spot on a tweezer is located further off the tip or is larger than this minimal grab area, then you then cannot have such a precision tip that the Dumont offers – as it is all to do with the design of the tweezers and the contact area.
If you have not worked with Dumonts before they will need a bit of  getting used to, but once you do get the feel of them you can really appreciate the precision they offer.

Care instructions:

  • Do NOT use these tweezers for any other task than creating fans as precision of the tips will be lost
  • Do NOT drop
  • Do NOT leave in sanitising/sterilising solution for longer than 20 mins
  • Make sure the tweezers are completely dry before storing
  • Store in a protective tube with the protective tip cover on whenever not in use
  1. 5 out of 5

    I do mega volume lashes a lot and these are the best tweezers I have ever used. They grab fan perfectly! Thanks, will buy again. Prompt delivery as well

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